Hello and welcome to Propel Business Club!

When we made the decision to create Propel, we decided on a mission far before we even finalized the name. This wasn’t an example of poor planning, but rather a testament to our commitment from day 1 to positive business and social impact. We wanted to give University of Michigan students a chance to collaborate with real socially-conscious businesses to make a change in the community, while creating our own community of motivated students along the way. Propel Business Club differs from a consulting club because our team does not work FOR other businesses to help solve their problems. Rather, we work WITH them to create impact that LASTS. Whether it’s planning events to bring local communities together, helping businesses reduce their waste through donation to charitable organizations, or aiding nonprofits in educating customers on important social issues, we work with organizations to maximize their impact. However, we won’t stop there. We want to teach the entire university community about how business can be used to make a difference. Business CAN be a tool to change the world; we want to show others how to use it.

Thank you for visiting Propel Business Club! Feel free to take a look around, and please reach out if you have any questions.

- Aliya Hakim & Ryan Kellett (Founders & Co-Presidents)