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The people that support our partner organizations


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Those benefitting from our work

We create change through community, equality, empowerment, and impact.

Propel engages in semester-long impact projects with local companies and sustains these relationships beyond our time spent working together. We create long-lasting sustainable impact through the Propel Pathway, which closely connects the client, company, and community together to envision a harmonious working relationship. By maintaining strong communication channels between us and our clients, we strengthen the social impact of our partner companies through informed initiatives that aim to better the lives of the broader community.


While Propel is impact-driven, we aren’t anything without our members who spearhead the change behind every project. Their unique backgrounds and passions form the foundation for Propel’s Venture and Pursue divisions, which provide exciting opportunities to explore new industries and interests. Together, we empower the next generation of change makers through our impact projects, educational experiences, and support network. 


Prospective members can choose whether to apply into Venture Consulting or Pursue Entrepreneurship, but both are great ways to make a difference while applying real business skills. Read on learn more about their differences! Applicants will have to apply to be in Pursue OR Venture their first semester in through their application but members can switch back and forth to experience all that Propel has to offer on a semester-by-semester basis! Reach out to any of our members to learn more about their differences!


Venture is Propel’s consulting division. In Venture, members work in teams of 5-6 people, consisting of a project lead and 4-5 analysts, on semester-long projects with local, socially-conscious businesses. Members will work closely with their team and company representatives during meetings to identify challenges, present financial and market analyses, and deliver recommendations to implement initiatives for strategic growth.


Pursue is Propel’s entrepreneurship division. In Pursue, members join a local start-up as a Propel team of 4-5 people to collaborate on and spearhead initiatives within the start-up business/organization. Through the hands-on work, members directly support the establishment of new businesses and organizations while gaining tangible entrepreneurial experience — ranging from developing a seed idea, defining opportunity and intended impact, marketing creative solutions, securing funds and partnerships, and more.

Working with the Best Clients and Partners

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